No complicated design process here. Simple and easy design with the client in mind.


Ashleigh Rogers Design is a one woman show that helps small to medium sized businesses with capturing the essence of their business. Whether that be through a brand makeover or creating a brand new look, Ashleigh Rogers Design can help businesses stand out!


My Services

I am a Graphic Designer specializing in branding and logo design, print design, website mockups, and small website updates. 

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What Is Graphic Design?

Graphic Design is taking ideas and communicating them through the arrangement of type, imagery, and graphics.

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How Pricing Works

My pricing is based on the quality of work, time, and the creativity I strive to bring to each project.

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My Background

Born and raised here in Asheville, NC, I have a desire for helping local businesses.


I take the stress out of branding your business. No more will you need to DIY your logo. No more will online templates be your only option for business cards.

— Ashleigh Rogers


My Process 

Design with the client in mind, not my portfolio. Finding out what is working for a business' branding and what is not is key to my process for each client.