Carleton Collins Architecture

Architecture plays a fundamental role in sustaining, shaping, and improving community life. As such, Carleton’s practice is committed to nurturing communities by designing thoughtful, functional, and sustainable environments to live, work, and play. The goals are simple: design inspired, innovative places that offer a sense of dignity and humanity for their users; and, work in partnership with his clients to support their needs and vision.

Carleton Collins is an architect who is native to Asheville, NC and has been serving the architectural community for over 30 years. With his experience in firms and on his own. He needed a professional logo and brand for his new firm. His diy approach to his logo was not serving him in the way he wanted to be seen. He wanted a very classy yet modern feel but also with artistic flair. His brand development consisted of a new logo, sub-brand logos for explaining his process, and new business cards that really stand out.

DESIGNER: Ashleigh Rogers, AGENCY: Kudzu Brands, CREATIVE DIRECTOR: Murphy Capps, BRAND MANAGER: Hannah Teo

Horizontal version of logo and brandmark

Sub-brand logos to show process

Business card mockup with embossing on front logo

Square business card mockup