Creasman Farms

Creasman Farms is a family owned farm in Hendersonville, NC that grows apples, peaches, pears, berries, plums, ciders, and baked goods. Their focus is to grow and sell quality produce that makes people want to eat local, fresh, grown food. They attract people most to their u-pick apple farm. Creasman Farms is very involved with local framers markets both in Asheville and the surrounding counties.

Creasman Farms was looking for an updated logo that expressed their family history as well as their farmer market presence. They wanted a color palette that had both a modern and vintage feel. They needed a logo that would work across a variety of platforms and be scalable with business growth. From t-shirts, to jams, and online, this logo is versatile in all applications. They now have a website that clearly communicates this farms values and what they offer. With easy navigation and a clean, simple design that tells who they are and what they offer.

DESIGNER: Ashleigh Rogers, AGENCY: Ashleigh Rogers Design

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