Good Samaritan Baptist Ministries

In 1999 God stirred the heart of a Pastor from Louisville, KY named Dr. Gardiner Gentry about the country of Malawi, Africa. Malawi is a third world country and is one of the poorest in the world. Dr. Gentry’s compassion led to what is now Good Samaritan Baptist Ministries. In 2003 he started one of the greatest blessings of this ministry, a Home for the orphans of Malawi. Dr. Gentry saw children starving in some of the worst conditions and begging for bread. Good Samaritan Baptist Ministries also includes hundreds of churches throughout Malawi. Most of these churches are in poor and remote villages. In the efforts to reach more in Malawi and Mozambique, the ministry has realized the importance of training the nationals to reach their own people. This is being done through the Bible College that now enrolls around 40 students.


The Good Samaritan Baptist Ministries previously had no website, branding, or any means of marketing. This project began as a passion project to just help them get some kind of online presence. We began by taking a flag they had and converting the image into a logo for the ministry. We then setup the website as a story. Each page goes deeper and deeper into the ministries purpose. Our work together has since grown into maintenance of the website ranging from updates and blog management. It has now grown in to supporting them with social media presence and management.

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